Live and Let Live Diet for Life…weekly update! April 12th 2015


This is Day 36 of my 60 Day Juice fast and I have lost an incredible 6lbs this week.

Energy levels are the highest I have ever experienced!

I even built a new website over the past week and started a whole new blog called, “Bealtaine Cottage Good Life”. 044

As Bealtaine Cottage website nears one million views, with over 850 blogs on it (I lost count after 850!) and over 3,500 photographs, it was time to expand onto a new website. 050

This blog will be added into the new website from next week.

It will feature as it’s own page on the site, with more info…and an ongoing diary of the Live and Let Live Diet for Life!

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Live and Let Live Diet for Life…weekly update! April 5th 2015 001

Just a very brief update to let you all know how the Juice Fast is going…and it’s going great!

This was my weight on Sunday 5th April…down another three pounds!

I am now adding Dandelion leaves to the juice as they are up all over the place!

My energy levels are high  and my sleep patterns very regular.

I must say, I feel fantastic!

As well as all this, I am baking and cooking for others without the least desire to eat!

Comments on my appearance are rolling in and they’re all good, with people saying I have never looked better, healthier and more relaxed!

Blessings XXX Colette

Live and Let Live Diet for Life…weekly update! March 29 2015


This is Day 22 of my Juice Fast and the end of week thirteen overall on this plant-based diet for life.

This week has seen my weight drop by a whopping 6lbs!


I can report that my energy levels are very high, sleep patterns are near perfect and I feel really happy and balanced.

Nearly all the greens in my juice are fresh from the land here at Bealtaine Cottage.

I believe that this is a huge factor in outcomes!


Green apples are a mainstay of each juice…two per 1300mls roughly.


I also add half a lemon, half a lime and one orange to this mix.

Live and Let Live Diet for Life…weekly update! March 22 2015


This is the end of week twelve.

I have lost a staggering 6lbs this week!

I am continuing the Juice fast and as you can see it has been a good week.

I am firmly on track and enjoying the way it makes me feel: so much more energy, positive thinking, sleeping really well and no surges of appetite.

In fact I can bake and cook for others without even the smallest pang of hunger or desire.

My eyes are brighter and my face leaner.

Also, my hands are slimmer, which is lovely as I hated looking at my swollen fingers!

Have a great week everyone and consider Juicing for Life…a better, fitter, lighter one…it works!

Live and Let Live Diet for Life…weekly update! March 15th 2015


It’s been a tough enough week!

After veering off my Juice Fast, twice, I am finally settled on track!

What with visitors, baking cakes and not taking the time to prepare my juice, I have learned to take more care of myself!

On the plus side though, I managed to get back onto the Juice Fast, caught up with the damage and even lost the most of a pound! -Now that is something I feel proud of myself for doing…not giving up!


I am plundering the vegetable beds in both the tunnel and outside, harvesting and juicing Kale and it makes me feel great, giving me lots of energy!

The great thing is that the more I harvest, the more sprouts out from the plants as you can see here! 024

There are many different types of Kale and I grow several, including this Russian Kale shown here.

I have also been following Mia on Facebook…

I heartily recommend her page as she is an expert Juicer and the “before and after” pics are incredible too!

I am feeling very optimistic and happy, now that the Juice Fast is firmly in place in my life.

It is a 60 Day one and this marks Day 8…as Mia says, “If I can do it, so can you!”

Live and Let live Diet for Life…weekly update! March 8th 2015


Four point two pounds gone in a week…what is this, I hear you ask?

Well, after my last post I decided to shift gear and begin a Juice Fast based on the Joe Cross, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” movie, free to watch on the web!

I did a twenty day Juice fast last year and felt great.

The regime lowered my blood pressure, normalised my cholesterol and left me feeling on top of the world, with encouragement to go Vegan.

This time around I hope to surpass twenty days, aiming to do sixty…yes, a sixty day Juice Fast. The first three days are the most difficult, but hunger or appetite is not an issue if juice is consumed at will.

I am juicing Kale, Apples, Celery, Ginger, as well as other fruits and vegetables, but this is my base juice.

I drink lots of water and allow myself tea with soya milk, though am trying to move to herbal teas.

Live and Let live Diet for Life…weekly update! march 1st 2015


After feeling so good from losing over a stone in weight, I have decided to adopt a Juice fast for sixty days.

I am very much inspired by Joe Cross and his Juice Fast of a similar length of time.

The video is still up on the web and can be accessed for free.

The title is “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!”


If, like me, you are carrying excess weight, then this will inspire you! I have managed to do twenty days on this last year and can only say that I felt wonderful!


In fact, the Juice Fast channelled me into a Vegan lifestyle.


By the end of April I hope to be in a better condition for exercise, as I continue to find it difficult to get into a pattern.

I recall how Juice fasting last year afforded me so much more energy!

Wish me luck!